Most Medical Content – Especially Medical Video Content – Is Boring.  We Don’t Think It Has To Be That Way

From the desk of: Lance Johnson, Co-founder, MedMessagers

I got my start in the B2C arena, making what amounts to online infomercials.  My clients were cowboys who either grew 1,000-2,000% per year for two or three years or went out of business.

But selling snuggies only motivates you for so long.

Since so much of the research in medical devices seemed like exciting Star Trek science being made I thought I would find the most exciting content I’d ever seen.

When I saw the medical device video content I was… surprised.

So much of this exciting tech gets turned into boring video content!

It’s so easy to get bogged down in your product.  You understand how it works and you want to explain it as quickly as possible.

But it’s hard to take that knowledge and turn it into a good piece of video content.  If you’ve ever made video content you already know that.

Making video content for the right prospect at the right stage of the buying process or even to get internal buy-in is tough.

We’re still not perfect at it, but have been lucky enough to have some companies like Ethicon, Medtronic and the American Lung Association try to help with their video content.

If you have a medical device that you want to make exciting video content that doctors and patients actually watch, I can’t promise it’ll work for you, but I can promise we’ll give you our best shot.

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