Welcome to The Medical Marketing Executive Podcast, where we discuss current industry trends, challenges and opportunities with executives, practitioners and influencers to uncover what’s working now.

You’ll notice something different about this podcast right away: rather than big name gurus, or high-flying consultants, we focus on interviewing actual executives — marketing managers, directors, VPs and CMOs.  Many folks who have never been on a podcast or active in the press.

Why?  Because they’re quietly on the cutting edge, applying new tactics, solving new problems and defining strategy.

The problem is, most of the information they have is never recorded.  We aim to change that.

Episode 1: Brandon Jusek,  Fortec Medical


Episode 2: Carolyn Peluso, Cell Signaling Technology


Spisode 3: Robert Tierney, Animal Care Systems


Episode 4: Rita Patel Jackson, GE Healthcare Analytics


Episode 5: Becky Wright, OmniActive Health Technologies


Episode 6: Andrea Pereira, Medtronic Spine and Bio


Episode 7: Thomas Loving, NThrive


Episode 8: Tim Mauri, Ethicon; Johnson and Johnson


Episode 9: Jerry Klawitter, Integra LifeSciences


Episode 10: Chris Pierson, Medical Devices


Episode 11: Melinda Partin, UW Medicine (University of Washington)


Episode 12: Tanya Andreadis, University of Pennsylvania Health System


Episode 13: Elizabeth Harvill, Director of Marketing & Community Relations at Meadows Regional Medical Center


Episode 14: James Tinker, Manager, US Marketing – Bariatrics and Metabloics at Ethicon, Inc.


Episode 15: Gerry Harrington, Marketing Coordinator for HealthAlliance of Hudson Valley.


Episode 16: Michael Vujovich, Director of Digital Marketing, OSF HealthCare 


Episode 17: Al Concemi, Vice President, Surgical Marketing at Mölnlycke Health Care  


Episode 18: Julio Lima, Marketing Coordinator at Elekta Medicas Systems  


Episode 19: Dr. Pedro Oliveria, Professor and Founder of Patient Innovation   


Episode 20: Pete Alexander, Director of Digital Marketing, iRhythm Technologies


Episode 21: Joe Mullings, President/CEO, Mullings Group   


Episode 22: Andrea Bonk, Market Research & Consumer Insight Leader
For OSF Health Care.


Episode 23: Stephen Mahnken, Digital Marketing Specialist at Sound Physicians located in Seattle, WA.


Episode 24: Alycia Kauffman, Division Vice President, Marketing for Jackson and Coker


Episode 25: Sharbel Malouuf,  Vice President of Marketing in Medline’s ReadyCare Division


Episode 26: Joe Urban, CEO of Potrero


Episode 27: Betsy Krech,Vice President of Solutions Marketing at nThrive


Episode 28: Phil Smeltzer, Director of Population Health at Medical University of South Carolina


Episode 29: Megan Pruce and Mallory Yoder, Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Episode 30: Roeland van der Heiden, Digital Director at AstraZeneca


Episode 31: Rayellen Kishbach, Healthcare Content Manager at Infor


Episode 32: Omar Khateeb, Director of Growth Marketing & Branding at Potrero Medical


Episode 33: Kristen Saponaro, Chief Marketing Officer at nThrive


Episode 34: Jason Liles, Global Marketing Manager for Antiseptics at Molnlycke Healthcare


Episode 35: Sharon Harrell, Population Health Coordinator at Central Florida Health


Episode 36: Jill Shannon, Director of Communications at Stars Behavioral Health Group


Episode 37: Justin Hipps, Vice President, Programmatic and Advanced Email Strategy for Healthlink Dimensions


Episode 38: Cynthia Neiman, Chief Marketing Officer for CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County)


Episode 39:  Rishi Saurabh, Senior Product Manager for Analytics at Philips Healthcare


Episode 40: Michael Ruhs, Director of Marketing & Community Relations at Craig Hospital