We Make Whiteboard Video Content For Medical Device Companies

You’ve probably heard of the Sirius Decisions statistic that 67% of the buying process takes place online.

Some people try to argue that means the only thing you need is a great website and you’ll close deals.

That might be true in other industries (I doubt it), but effectively generating revenue is impossible without a good sales team and good content.

Most of our clients have a top notch sales team, but need great video content.

One of the easiest case studies is Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson).  They needed to get patients interested and talking to their PCP.  The problem is when people think “I want to lose weight” their immediate next thought isn’t “so let me research bariatric surgery“.

So stealing the script from their smart marketing manager we turned it into a piece of video content that got Ethicon 22,939 views.

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